Visiting Dubai and not taking out time to Dhow Cruise is one of the greatest regrets for a tourist, to be honest. Dhow Cruise Dubai gives you an awesome and splendid view of skyscrapers, calm and cold water and old traditional Arabic lifestyle.

Having said that, it is almost impossible for a tourist not to visit the Dhow at least once no matter how busy his schedule is.

That’s the main reason we are here to give you an overview of what should be expected from the trip to Dubai’s Cruise.

Let’s start without any further ado:

What to Expect From Dhow Cruise Dubai?

Some important activities that you are going to enjoy at the Cruise are as follows:

Get Closer With Arabic Lifestyle:

Foreigners are fond of exploring more about different traditions and customs of ancient people. Well, if you are an enthusiast in exploring the old Arabic lifestyle, then Dhow Cruise is there to welcome you for sure.

Right after entering the Cruise, you’ll forget about modern Dubai and will enter a whole new world of the ancient lifestyle.

Almost all cruises are made in such a way that they portray the Arabic culture and traditions in the best possible way.

So, the night becomes aesthetic and cosy while you sit on the cruise to enjoy Dubai from a whole new perspective.

Enjoying the New Year Eve in Dhow Cruise:

Dubai attracts many tourists from all across the world with its New Year Eve. The show and fireworks are just a piece of art. That being said, you can now enjoy an aesthetic view of the fireworks via the cruise.

Different packages are available that are going to cover all firework show during the New Year’s eve. We’ll be strongly recommending you to take some time and consider getting a two-hour cruise trip for an unbelievable fireworks show.

So, that’s one other activity that you are surely going to enjoy while cruising in the dhow.

Party at Dhow Cruise Creek:

Wooden dhows are now available as well. The Dhow Cruise Creek tour is long enough to let you fall in the trap of heavenly sights of the city for sure.

The whole tour at Creek includes soft drinks, dinner, view of Arabian architecture, Ancient Arabic traditions, as well as dance and singing shows.

In short, you won’t be regretting the two hours trip to the Creek Cruise. In fact, the memories of this tour will remain in your mind for a long time.

Enjoy Special Events at Dhow Cruise:

Dhow Cruises are now available to be booked for different special events as well. So, if you have got a wedding anniversary with your partner, or if there’s a birthday coming up, you can book the whole Cruise to enjoy a peaceful environment for sure.

You might be thinking that the packages should be expensive for booking the whole Cruise. However, this is not the case. All packages are extremely affordable compared to other companies.

So, don’t be worried about the expanses and just book the cruise for a complete two-hour trip to spend the night in Dubai in the best possible manner.

  1. Complete Dubai City Tour:

Many tourists think that they can view the beauty of Dubai by road. Well, this statement is partially correct because once you booked a trip for Dhow Cruise, you’ll get to see a whole new side of Dubai.

Let us put a scenario in some words. Imagine you are sitting with your other half in the Dhow moving calmly through the river. The White Moon is just above you and while surfing you see different skyscrapers lighted up perfectly. Doesn’t it look like a heavenly sight?

So, what are you waiting for? Go book up the Cruise to completely see Dubai from a new point of view.

Singing Shows:

Finally, Arabic singers, musicians, and different bands are there to light up your mood and provide you with an environment full of aesthetic pleasures.

They won’t be making you bore at all and you’ll see for yourself how compelling the complete tour is.

Some Last Words:

Well, we have tried our best to explain Dhow Cruise in Dubai. However, the real experience is way more aesthetic than what we’ve described. So, on a serious note, never miss an opportunity to take a long trip at Dhow Cruise whenever you visit Dubai for vacations.

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