Whether you travel locally or overseas for business or pleasure, you may encounter problems or situations that can cost you time and money, and even reduce the effectiveness or enjoyment of your trip. Many of these problems are predictable and preventable. The key to avoiding them is with good advance planning.
Trip call to someone with personal experience in the area or country where you intend to travel can make all the difference, providing the information is current. Unfortunately, many travelers rely on the wrong sources for their information. This brochure is designed to help you anticipate the most common travel problems, tell you how to plan for them, and give you basic information on where best to source current data to allow you to successfully cope with problems in advance. This brochure provides you with valuable information, but a comprehensive guide to traveling locally or overseas.
Personal Security for the Business Traveller
Effective security precautions require a continuous and conscious awareness of one’s environment as well as the need to exercise prudence, judgment, and common sense. This is especially true where the traveler must adapt to new cultures, customs, and laws. Personal security cannot be delegated to others; it is a responsibility of each one of us, as we promote Australian economic and commercial interests around the globe.
Guidelines for Protecting traveling Information Overseas
Each day the world becomes driven more and more by information. Proprietary information is our chief competitive asset, vital to both our industry and our society. Our livelihood and, indeed, our national strength depends on our ability to protect industrial and economic data.
Repeated contacts with a local or third-country national who is not involved in your business interests or the purpose of your visit, but as a result of invitations to social or business functions, appears at each function.
This pamphlet outlines some steps that may be taken to protect information and to raise the general level of awareness to the threat by business people living, working, or traveling abroad.


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