The incredible definition of India is provided by its rich heritage cities which include Jaipur, Agra, and Delhi. The world-class tour in these cities is known as touring India’s present, past and future. You can have a great experience of the golden triangle with wildlife tour. The magnetic attractions of these cities that encompass the Golden Triangle tour include the historical monuments that have majestic palaces, magnificent architecture, historical accounts that talk about the British era and Mughal in the Indian society, and colourful festivals. 

Moreover, this tour has remarkable experience and you can turn it into a remarkable life experience. Even though the State of India is tiny, it is renowned for the pristine beaches and spinning blue water that is bagged by the slanting coconut palm. You can be sure that this will turn your holiday experience into an external one. You can better understand the trip to the Golden Triangle by looking at the four cities that define the pride of India. 

  • Delhi – The Treasure of India

Delhi is the capital city of India and is widely known as the heart of India. This city has magnetic attractions for millions of tourists from every corner of the world because of the magnificent historical monuments and rich heritage. 

Some of these monuments include Qutub Minar, Lotus Temple, Red Fort, and India Gate. New Delhi also talks about India’s future by introducing metro stations, malls, and tall buildings. Therefore, Delhi gives visitors a sight of both the past and future of India. It is a revitalizing experience for visitors from all over the world. 

  • Agra – The Taj City 

This city describes Incredible India as it houses the Taj Mahal which is one of the wonders of the world and an eternal symbol for love. Shah Jehan, the Mughal Emperor, build the Mahal for his lovely wife Mumtaz Mahal. This destination is known to attract millions of people from all over the world. It is an integral component in your Golden Triangle Tour. Apart from the Taj Mahal, Agra also gives you a chance to visit several historical monuments like the Chine ka Rauza and Itma-ud-Talulah. 

  • Jaipur – The Pink City 

Jaipur Pink City is the capital of Rajasthan which also forms an essential part of the Golden Triangle Tour. It gives visitors an opportunity of exploring the first planned city of India with an introduction to the rich heritage of India in terms of historical monuments such as the Museum and City Palace, Jaigarh, Wind Palace (Hawa Mahal), Janta Mantar, and Amber Fort, and the royal past of amazing India. 

  • Goa – The Worlds Paradise 

Visiting Goa after the enticing historical Golden Triangle will double your majestic experience. Most people will tell you that Goa is the world’s paradise. It is a tiny state that is renowned for its Portugal era refection, majestic resorts, exotic national parks, and charming beaches. The city attracts a countless number of visitors from all over the world who come for the Golden Triangle. Make sure these 4 destinations are part of your trip to India tours if you want the best experience.


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