When traveling close to home, do not get overconfident. Things can happen even when we are traveling close to home. When traveling in a car keep the doors locked and the windows up far enough so that no one can reach inside your vehicle, especially at night. When you stop your vehicle at a traffic light or stop sign, for example, make sure to look around the outside of your vehicle. This is a prime time for carjackers to strike. It takes only a split second for a car thief to open your car door, pulls you out onto the street, and drive off in the vehicle.
When you park your vehicle, especially at night, park in a lighted area. Do not park on a dark side street or in a dark parking area. Also, make sure to park amongst other vehicles. Remember to wind up all the windows in your car and to lock it securely. A good quality car alarm and immobilizer is highly recommended, but make sure you turn it on after leaving the car. Try to park in a car park that has an attendant.
When traveling interstate or overseas, don’t keep anything of great value in your purse or handbag. Use a money belt and fasten securely to your person as directed by the manufacturer. Don’t use “Bum” bags or fashionable backpacks, as these are easy targets for pickpockets and thieves. Never leave any valuables in your hotel/motel room, always use the hotel safety deposit boxes.
When staying in hotel/motel rooms, be sure to always lock the door when you are inside, but especially when leaving, even if you are just going to the end of the hallway to fetch some ice cubes. Traveller’s door locks are available from most travel accessory outlets if you wish to increase your room security.
Always know your destination. If you are traveling by car from home, be sure to map out your travel plans well ahead. Make a complete copy of your travel plans, including telephone numbers where you can be reached or your mobile number. Leave a copy with your spouse/friend or trusted workmates.
Keep your head erect, eyes wide open, and always look confident and in control. Always look like you know where you are going (even if your knees are shaking and you are really lost). This attitude will help you by off-putting potential thieves who may be considering you as a potential victim.
Purse-snatchers and briefcase thieves are known to work hotel bars and restaurants waiting for unknowing guests to drape these items on chairs or under tables. Keep items in view or “in touch”.
Beware of vagrant children, normally in groups of four or five, who are often junior criminals. While one of them tries to divert your attention, another will pick your pocket. Try to avoid them wherever possible. Do not accept food or drink from strangers. In all cases politely refuse the offering.


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