In many countries, railroads continue to offer a safe, reliable and comfortable means of travel between major metropolitan areas. Other countries, however, operate rail systems that use antiquated equipment, are often overcrowded and seldom run on time. As a general rule, the more advanced (socially and economically) a country is, the more modern and reliable will be its rail service. Frequently, rail travel provides a more economical method of travel than other modes of transportation, and frequently it is the only available transportation to smaller cities and towns. However, rail travel can present some security risks to the traveler, just like other means of travel.
Railroads are “soft” targets for several types of criminal or terrorist attacks. They operate over open ground and are easily accessible to the public. The tracks on which the trains operate are in the open for most of the distance they cover. This easy accessibility provides an inviting target for bombings and other forms of sabotage.
The railroad terminals and stations are like self-contained cities, open to the public, frequently for 24 hours a day. They provide a fertile ground for pickpockets, purse-snatchers, baggage thieves, bombers and other criminals to operate.
Likewise, trains themselves offer similar opportunities to criminals and terrorists. A train is like a hotel on wheels, offering temporary accommodations, such as restaurants, sleeping space, bars, and lounges. All of these can be, and often times are, subject to criminal activities including robbery, thievery, bombing and even, albeit rarely, hostage-taking.

This section is set aside for those who wish to attend any of our in-depth training courses which are separate from the series of seminars dealing with Travel Safety and Security.
Key Areas
Women Travellers. How to be aware of your safety and how to respond to the threat. Kidnapping / Terrorism / Surveillance. A course for business travelers.
Session Leaders
The session dealing with Women Travellers will be headed by a lady who has traveled the world extensively and can pass on the many skills required to make your next trip an enjoyable and safe one. Guest session leaders will expand on other strictly feminine areas.
The Kidnapping, Terrorism and Surveillance sessions team will be lead by our Director of Security. Expect the unexpected.
Travel Safety & Security.
The Public Seminar dates and venues for 2004 have now been finalized. Should you wish to attend please contact us and we will forward you details. Corporate Seminars Check with your organizations’ personnel or security office for dates.
Travel Agents
Check with your marketing alliance/franchiser/head office for dates.
Australian Institute of Travel & Tourism Members
Check with your local State Chapter for details. Special AITT seminars are held in each State at substantially reduced rates for current financial members.


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