Vanity Fair Vacations by Travelsave is a new concept. Vanity Fair Vacations saves you money on a wide range of cosmetic, dental and optical surgery. In Penang, we recommend the first-class medical/dental treatments at one of Malaysia’s premier private hospitals: Loh Guan Lye
The hospital has highly qualified medical staff, most of whom are graduates from universities in Australia and the UK. Nursing staff are trained in both Malaysia and overseas. Nurse to patient ratio in the deluxe rooms is three (3) to one (1) patient. These deluxe wing rooms are much larger than usual Australian hospital rooms, some have lounge suites, kitchens, tables, and chairs.
Loh Guan Lye hospital is privately owned and managed within the Malaysian Governmental guidelines. Established in 1975, a new wing was constructed in 1995. Further extensions are already underway nearby but do not interfere in any way with the existing fine facilities. The hospital has all major areas in modern surgery covered and is equal to the best in Australia
How do the tours save money?
The cost of elective medical and dental treatment in Australia, USA and UK can be very expensive. This is brought about by high payments for medical staff and hospitalization. The costs in Malaysia are low because of the current exchange rate between Australia/USA/UK and Malaysia. We are just taking advantage of the currency weakness. If you lived in Malaysia, then these hospitals would be expensive too.
The Vanity Fair Vacations package consists of airfares, private car transfers, and selected accommodation. All accommodation and transfers and tours are undertaken by our tour operators in Penang. Our local manager will contact all incoming patients and accompanying travelers and arrange a time so that he can meet them and explain how the package works. He will take the patient/fellow traveler to the hospital / dental clinic to meet the medical personnel and or check into the hospital. Tours and other services will be offered to the party not having treatment to fill in the time whilst the patient is being treated or undergoing review.
The patient must provide a current dental/medical report in relation to the treatment sought and anything that the hospital/clinic should be aware of. We then forward the report to the hospital/clinic before departure from home. They will then give the matter a review and advise if they are prepared to take the patient and advise us the dates and times. We can then make up the package to suit the appointments
Cosmetic Treatments
Vanity Fair Vacations recommends the leading private hospital in Penang – Loh Guan Lye Its specialist surgeons offer a comprehensive range of packages for people who wish to have specific or multiple treatments. This is a guide to procedures only; you will be given personal information relating to your treatment after you are assessed by your surgeon.
We don’t just offer surgical treatments. While in Malaysia, why don’t you take advantage of the great exchange rates and low prices and choose other treatments including Non-surgical – including facial laser and chemical peels, Botox, etc. Dentistry – teeth whitening, or need some expensive dental work eg. root canal, crown, bridge, etc


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