I Love – Balagbag
Holiday deserves a quick hike – quick hike means within the city side of Metro Manila – so coming from Pantingan – Tarak Traverse day hike we really need a walk in the park hike. Balagbag comes to mind since it’s just within the border of northern QC and this mountain offers stunning sunset and grassland.
We need a break from the almost weekly tough climb, the break is something not about being at home but taking an easier hike or just chilling at the beach. It was actually our first time in Balagbag and since it’s just near the Metro we never took time to research, just copied Itinerary from the net and proceed with our hike.
The trail is straightforward, you just need to follow the rough road up to the summit. It would take you about 2 – 3 hours up and an hour down. Once you get off from a jeepney – that is the terminal called Liao – Liao, another 1 -2 km walk to jump off – Sitio Balagabag. You may opt to take trike for 30 pesos up to registration area but we opted to walk since all we knew it’s just walk in the park. I think this is famous for riders since we pass by some along the way. AT the registration area we paid P10.00 and another P30.00 once you reach the junction at about 600masl already and that is 30 minutes away from the summit. There is the number of stores along the way so you may want to consider not bringing too much water or food.
Just follow this road and you won’t get lost.
As you go up you will have the view of the Business districts in the Metro and Sierra Madre Mountain Range which is so great. There are also some parts of the mountains being transformed to subdivisions – the same as those being seen in Haponang Banoi.


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