Barcelona is a beautiful city, where you can sun yourself on the 4 kilometers of beaches, be culturally stimulated with the many museums throughout the city or be overwhelmed by the unusual work of architect Antoni Gaudí. But however you spend your day, you’ll not be short of entertainment with a truly energetic nightlife.
Barcelona, on the coast of the Mediterranean, is Spain’s second-largest city and is the capital of the autonomous region of Catalonia. This region has its own culture and language with Barcelona having two official languages Catalan and Spanish.
Barcelona was founded by the Romans about 218 BC. Their settlement was called ‘Barcino’ which is thought to be present-day Barri Gotic. It is said that Barcelona was inhabited prior to the Romans, but as to who settled here is still unclear. Traces of the city’s Roman past are very evident in the city today especially in the basement of the Museu D’Historia de la Ciutat.
The city is divided into many districts with the most popular being: Barceloneta – the beaches and port, Ciutat Vella – the old city including Barri Gotic, Gracia – once a village in the countryside but made part of the city around 1897 and Eixample – home to Gaudí’s modernist architecture.
Barcelona offers you the wonderful prospect of walking down the remains of Roman streets and then, on the next street, of a medieval city. Barcelona is also a modern city with some contemporary art museums and a strong soccer team FC Barcelona who play at the Nou Camp Stadium.
Barcelona is an exciting city to explore and boasts a superb location on the Mediterranean coast making it the ideal destination for a combined city break and sun holiday!
Slow down when you’re driving with the kids through a quiet wooded area and come upon a marked historical site-you may have happened upon a cabin of Daniel Boone’s or a link in the Underground Railroad.
Translating all this into a family vacation is more fun than a challenge. There’s great outdoor sporting in the mountains, as well as on the many rivers and lakes. Cultural and musical events await you in the country and in the cities. Civil War buffs may choose to start their explorations in Chattanooga, where General Sherman began his own march. When you go to Nashville, you will want to include Nashville and at least do a little “star-gazing.”


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