People know that European destinations can be explored by car, bike and on foot, but train journeys are said to be one of the most beautiful relaxing ways to explore this continent. While traveling by train, you will get an opportunity to enjoy eye-catching sceneries. If you are thinking to visit Europe for your next romantic gateway, you should choose train journeys as they will gift you some of the scenic landscapes and picturesque surroundings that you will never find anywhere. In this article, you will have an idea of the most famous train journeys by train to explore Europe. 

Glacier Express in Switzerland

It is one of the most iconic train journeys not only in Europe but also in the world. It is the slowest high-speed train in Europe as the journey from Zermatt to Davos only lasts for 7 hours. This gives you an opportunity to have breath-taking views around. During this journey, the train passes through 90 tunnels and also more than 290 amazing bridges. It is one of the unforgettable journeys in Europe. Book your accommodations somewhere in Zermatt or Davos to get a lifetime experience. 

Manarola To Cinque Terre Train Journey

Cinque Terre is a special part of any train journey. It is one of Italy’s wonderful tourist destinations that provide you with an incredible experience that will linger in your mind forever. As the train comes out from the tunnel and passes, you will visualize it as a children’s fairy tale. If you want to get the best experience in Cinque Terre, you can surely book your hotel in the area and enjoy other activities like train tours and boat rides. 

Norway Flam Railway

The Flam train journey provides you with a wonderful experience, and it is one of the most favorite ways to discover Norway. By the train ride, you can get the chance to explore some of the fantastic tourist destinations in Norway. You can stay either at Myrdal or Bergen that offers great views of the surrounding locations. 

Bernina Express In Switzerland

Forget about the donkeys, cold, dry weather, and chapped lips. Nothing can be more comfortable and pleasant to cross the Alps than Bernina Express. The train journey starts from Chur and ends at Tirano via Davos and hence you can experience different cultures and languages in a single tour. 

Stockholm Sweden Train Journey

We all know that Stockholm is an extensively connected city with metro stations ranked to be the most beautiful metro stations globally. You can explore Stockholm by train. The train journey is an eco-friendly way to discover the place and the beautiful surrounding places in Europe. You can also try out the best activities in Stockholm and check out the affordable accommodations in Sweden. 

Soller and Mallorca train journey in Spain

This train route is located between mountains and the sea. Soller is a beautiful village on Mallorca Island. If you want to get an eye-catching view of the entire island, you should opt for a voyage in train Espagne that goes to the Soller Mountains. 

These train journeys are great and make you realize that Europe can be explored by train. So, why waiting for, plan your itinerary now!


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