“Will the Millennium Highway change Mongolia forever? Don’t wait to find out”
Twice as big as Texas yet only a sliver as populated, Mongolia has long been a land of undeveloped beauty. That all may be changing with the construction of the Mongolian Millennium Highway. Upon completion around 2010, the ambitious, government-sponsored, two-lane paved roadway will slice through the wild heart of Mongolia, from the vast plains of the east to the snow-capped peaks of the west. A veritable Route 66 “though, at 1,650 miles, only two-thirds the length” the Millennium will likely bring modern develop.
Travelers hoping to glimpse the country’s stunning physical and cultural beauty before it hits the highway need look no further than Nomadic Expeditions, the pioneer of authentic adventure travel in Mongolia. With a superb selection of “active adventures” and “cultural journeys” throughout Mongolia, Nomadic Expeditions delivers like no one else can. Unlike many travel outfits that treat their clients to tourist-rigged “cultural” displays, Nomadic Expeditions’ cultural journeys are rare opportunities to experience authentic Mongolian life first-hand. With its commitment to promoting cultural interaction based on mutual respect and understanding cultural differences, Nomadic Expeditions is the perfect guide for this still-remote and captivating land.
Adventurers and cultural wanderers alike will find a wealth of wonderful excursions from Nomadic Expeditions (with 2005 departure dates and prices:
• Dinosaurs of the Gobi: Get down and dirty with this hands-on adventure digging dinosaur fossils with paleontologists from the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Canada. The Gobi is considered by many to be the “Mecca” of the fossil world, and past clients have made significant finds. (August 28, 2005; from $3,645.00.)
• Classic Mongolian Odyssey: The Naadam Festival: Timed to coincide with the resplendent festivities of the national holiday of the Naadam Festival, this journey offers a fascinating introduction to the people and culture of Mongolia through a celebration of the country’s national heritage and games. (July 2, 2005; from $2,825.00.)
• From Yak to Kayak: Mongolia at its most thrilling, with kayaking on the crystal blue waters of Lake Hosvgol, camel riding across the Gobi, touring ancient tea routes, and horse trekking Gorkhi-Terelj National Park. (June 15, July 13, 2005; from $2,950.00; 20% discount for children 8-12 available on June 15 departure.)
• Golden Eagle Festival: Celebrating the unique and extraordinary skills of Kazakhs “the largest minority within Mongolia” who use Golden Eagles to hunt small prey. Thrill to stirring competitions, rituals, traditions, and the chance to go face-to-beak with these amazing raptors. (September 28, 2005; from $1,725.00.)
• Ancient Empires of the Khans: Chingis Khan and his successors amassed the largest contiguous empire in history. From the Forbidden City and Great Wall of China to the capital city of Ulaanbaatar and history-laden Kharakhorum, this is an extraordinary journey through the rich and turbulent history of Mongolia and China. (June 15, August 17, 2005; from $2,720.00.)
• Three Camel Lodge: An award-winning luxury “ger” camp operated by Nomadic Expeditions deep in the heart of the Gobi Desert, it’s an oasis of comfort, convenience, superb service and a tangible commitment to the ecology of the desert, and a wonderful way to experience authentic housing of nomadic Mongolians.


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