The number of visitor going to the Philippines every year is increasing. They are coming from other countries who are fun of viewing and experiencing the beautiful beaches, resorts, and even festivals in every region.
In Mindanao (the second-largest island of the Philippines) especially in Davao city, tourists are enjoying the beauty of the world-class beaches there. Davao is a gulf facing the Pacific Ocean and Malaysia. And in between the gulf is an island called Samal or Samal City. There lies the most wonderful beach resort and Pearl Farm. They call it Pearl Farm because they are culturing the pearl’s bearing shells. of course, Scuba diving is popular there at very affordable costs.
As you can see, all cottages are made of bamboo. Which signifies the simplicity of the Filipino culture. They call it Nipa Hut. It is cool and refreshing even during summertime. You will experience the cool environment, relaxing… The Nipa Hut is designed from the Sulu’s architecture.
Boracay has a lot of hotels to accommodate tourists who stay on the island. As I mentioned in my last post, the accommodation rates are ranging from the high class to low-class accommodation. All you have to do is to choose a more comfortable place for you.
These are some of the hotels on the island. With friendly people around, tourists will find it comfortable to stay. The picture above is one of the inns on the island which can accommodate hundreds of visitors. The place is complete with facilities and comfortable furniture so you don’t have to go outside. So stay and enjoy your vacation in one of the most beautiful places in the world. “Boracay!
Boracay is located 315 kilometers south of Manila (The capital of the Philippines) and 2 km from Panay island in western Visayas region of the Philippines. Boracay is one of the country’s most leading tourist spots in the Philippines. It has beautiful white beaches which enough to entice strangers to visit and stay.
Boracay is an island no wonder it is rich when it comes to natural beauty. It has 350 beach resorts and more than 2000 rooms for accommodations ranging from high quality (five-star) to budget accommodations. Tourists are free to choose from.
Not only white beaches that Boracay is boasting, but I also forgot to mention its underwater wonders. At the bottom of its clear water, you will discover wonderful and small creatures. get ready to explore the hidden underwater beauty of the island. It only takes from 35 to 45 minutes from Manila ( Philippines’ capital) to Boracay ( by air). By bus, it takes 12 hours from Manila to Boracay. Phil TranCo (Philippine Transport Corporation) is the leading bus company that conveys passengers to their destinations around the Philippines. If you have further clarifications regarding on this post, feel free to post a comment. Thank you.


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